About me

Hey, I 
am Benno

… a young filmmaker raised in the Alps. I approach every single wedding reportage with an incredible amount of passion and simply love my job.

My passion

Your story

If there is a stressful moment or two on your wedding day, I will be there for you.

My goal is not only to capture your day in a wedding video, but to tell your story in the wedding video. It is about you and not about any perfection. Unposed and
honest, that’s what makes my wedding videos stand out.

Already as a little boy I was fascinated by technology
and when I got my first own reflex camera at the age of 12, a new world opened up to me. The fascination of filmmaking has not let me go since then.

One of my absolute passions is traveling, I love to escape from everyday life and discover new things. That’s why no way is too far for your wedding.

After work I like to relax on the sofa and watch Netflix series.

I love food, any culture. If I ever had to go to a desert island and was only allowed to take two things from home, a South Tyrolean apple would not be missing next to my camera.

My partner - Jakob Seiwald

I have dealt with topics of technology at an early age, topics such as photography and sound engineering. The world of filmmaking was opened to me by my old school friend Benno and through that I found a new passion.