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Good products
speak for themselves.

Good products
speak for themselves.

Product video

Creative product presentation

We skillfully put your product in the limelight! We present the advantages and added value of your product in creative product videos: easy to understand, entertaining and moving.

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Product video


Product video

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Product video

Product video South Tyrol

Your product
speaks for itself

Whether it’s an everyday object, a highly complex machine, a fashion accessory or a luxury food: Your product with all its advantages provides the customer with added value. We package all the important information about your product into a compelling product video that attracts attention: integrated into a creative story or as a studio video against a black background that draws the focus to the product. Factual, humorous or quirky, just as it suits your product.

Product presentation

A round

In the product video, your product can be shown from different perspectives or in action. We also skillfully put the spotlight on small details. Or we reinforce the presentation with informative short texts and emotional music. This is how we create a complete and lively picture of your product in just a few seconds, without having to read long descriptions.

Product video in online marketing

Real Allrounder

Product videos are true marketing geniuses that can be used in many ways.
On your own website or at the point of sale. At trade shows or on social networks. In the online store or during customer meetings. For the newsletter, internal communication or employee training. The viewer’s interest is aroused, the purchase decision is positively supported. In addition, a product video increases visibility on the Internet and drives up the conversion rate.

Benno Rottonara

videographer, filmmaker.  For several years I have been allowed to put companies and people in the right light,

breathe life into content and stories and create videos that give you goosebumps. Contact me! Together we will bring your company on the road to success!

Customers, partners, friends.

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