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Natural snapshots that capture the magic of this special day. No predefined scenes but individual, beautiful shots, captured at the right moment.

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We love wedding films and that’s why we want to try to capture your wedding in South Tyrol as beautifully and in the most natural way as possible, in your own wedding film. We are friends of natural shots, because natural shots touch more than posed ones. The great thing about filming weddings is that every wedding in South Tyrol brings its own and individual challenges, but not to forget the beautiful, special moments. There are constantly new techniques that a videographer should master, and technology is also important, but in our opinion, capturing the decisive moments are at least as important in the end. Being in the right place at the right time and being as inconspicuous as possible is what matters. We can say that with our attention to detail and our passion for editing wedding videos, we can offer you a unique style and make your wedding video unique.


Sonja & Felix

Wedding video

Katja & Klaus

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Andrea & Alex

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Sabrina & Klaus

Wedding video

Absolutely excellent work and very personable. We are very satisfied and highly recommend Benno.

Patrizia & Raphael,
Wedding in Zernez, Switzerland

„We would like to thank you again and can only recommend Benno. Benno, our wedding video is a dream, a wonderful memory. The most beautiful we can have from the most beautiful day in our lives. You did such a great job, and with full joy and passion! Everything went smoothly - from the beginning to the end! You are such a warm and great person! Thank you so much!“

Sabrina & Manuel
Wedding at Schloss Rubein
South Tyrol, Italy

Curious? We are too!
You are welcome to write to us to check our availability.
Wedding film

Every wedding film should be something very special. Our greatest concern is to awaken your emotions and to let the day pass in review. Therefore, we like to advise you before your wedding in a personal conversation. Only in this way we get to know you and your ideas and wishes, with this help we will later produce your very personal wedding film. Together we will decide which number of hours and which additional services would be useful.

Technical details
Full length wedding video?

The long version of our wedding videos combines many precious moments and memories, such as the wedding ceremony (with original sound), the wedding vows and also the opening dance. Each part of the film is edited as precisely and lovingly as the trailer, a combination of original sound and music. As a result, the long wedding film, just like the trailer, consists of many great moments and varied scenes. The biggest challenge in putting together the wedding film is to compress the film as much as possible without cutting out important events of the wedding day. The optimal length of our films is exactly for this reason, between 15 and 20 minutes, because in this format the most important and beautiful moments can be combined best. You are welcome to contact us to view a long version of a wedding video. Since these videos are very private, the videos are password-protected, but after consultation with the bride and groom, we will gladly share the password for the video with you.

We like to keep an eye on you!

Benno Rottonara

Hey, I'm Benno, a young filmmaker raised in the Alps, Dolomites. I approach every single wedding reportage with incredible passion and simply love my job. My goal is not only to capture your day in a wedding video, but to tell your story. It is about you and not about any perfection. Unposed and honest, that's what makes my wedding videos stand out.

Jakob Seiwald

I have dealt with topics of technology at an early age, topics such as photography and sound engineering. The world of filmmaking was opened to me by my old school friend Benno and through that I found a new passion.

Friends I like to work with

Our team can deliver everything from concept to finished production. We are proud to work with some of the best talent in the industry.

Helmut Moling


Alan Bianchi


Frequently asked questions

No, there is no preparation for the bride and groom, we as wedding videographers try to be as unobtrusive as possible during the wedding. We prefer to withdraw and capture moments spontaneously and not obtrusively.

How does the bride and groom manage to be relaxed in front of the lens?

We attach a lot of importance to a relaxed ambience, the sympathy must be right, then it is relaxed in front of the camera. We definitely do not want to make a wedding a shooting location, we like to capture moments so unobtrusive and in the background.

You send us a request by e-mail and we will get back to you as soon as possible with all the necessary information and a non-binding offer.

How many hours do we need a wedding videographer?
That depends on you. We are happy to be with you from the beginning (Getting Ready) until the celebration in the evening. However, it is possible to book us only for half a day and thus capture only the most intimate moments on video.

If a personal meeting is possible, we prefer to get to know the bride and groom beforehand, so that we can get to know them before the big day. This way there is a familiar atmosphere from the beginning and this has a great effect on the behavior in front of the camera, it is immediately much more pleasant in front of the camera and also behind the camera. However, if this is not possible, we prefer a video call using Facetime or Skype.

Do you give us instructions while filming?

We attach great importance to naturalness and authentic scenes, therefore, in order not to disturb the ceremony and your celebration, we will try to work as inconspicuously as possible and in the background. This way we get the best shots and the location does not become a filming location, but remains natural.

By the way: We do not count on the minute and if the agreed time is over just before or even during a special moment, we guarantee that we will certainly not pack our things during a special moment, but will be there. If you want to book us spontaneously for a full hour extra, that is no problem. We will send you the price list on request.

We mainly use Sony cameras and usually film in Full HD, but of course we can also shoot in higher resolutions
(such as 4K – UHD). We also always have spare equipment ready, so that in an emergency, if for some reason a device fails, can still be filmed.

Your wedding can be planned down to the last detail, but you have no influence on the weather, yet the mood should not be dampened, because impressive shots are not only possible in sunshine.
We are prepared to bring out the best in all weather conditions.